A New Kind of Game Face . . .

by Sharon Enck aka PuckGal
Team pic

A New Kind of Game Face: The Team Photo

The hockey team photo . . . a yearly tradition where you have to corral 20 or so children, outfit them in  their game-day jerseys, comb their hair and make them smile pretty for the camera.

Sounds sooo easy, doesn’t it? Ha!

The process goes as follows:

The team manager selects a photographer, prays that they have some sort of sports experience (hockey players are a plus), works out an insane schedule right before a practice (because sweaty heads are so passé) and then hopes nobody concusses themselves skating around on the ice without a helmet while they wait for their turn.

You take the requisite individual photos in the appropriate stance, some coach/son shots, coaches together, goalies together and then the piece de resistance—the team photo. You wait anxiously for the next week or two for the photo link to arrive and this is what you get:







At first glance it seems normal. Most of the children look pretty good, complete with happy smiles, decent hair and all upright . . . but wait. What is that in the lower left-hand corner? Why, that is my goalie, with probably the craziest, over-the-top grin/grimace I have ever seen.







Isn’t she lovely?

Truth be told, I shouldn’t be surprised. After the photo session she had informed me that the photographer was “weird” and that she kept telling her to “smile BIGGER!” And smile big she did.

Thankfully other team photos were taken with her smiling far more subtly. But I am really tempted to blow this up and place it on her wall of fame.


Because I can.

Do you have some humdingers of a team photo? Or perhaps even action shots? Share them with us and make me feel better! 

Sharon Enck, (aka PuckGal) lives and breathes hockey in, of all places, Phoenix, AZ. She has covered the Phoenix Coyotes for several years and her blog, “Covering the Five Hole”, is dedicated to the antics of her goalie daughter, McKenna, and anything related to being a hockey mom. The surly in Surly Gurl Media, Sharon is also a freelance writer and social media manager. Visit Sharon and McKenna at her blog site, PuckGal, and she can be reached at PuckGal@gmail.com.