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Size Matters . . . but not how you think! We at Ice have teamed up with TCC to revolutionize the way that you play hockey. We’d like to introduce you to the EVE OPS Hockey stick – the first stick designed specifically for the female player. While most companies have taken an intermediate or [...]


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What to know how hockey pucks are made? Check out this awesome video from the show “How It’s Made”. Did you know that the word puck is Gaelic and Irish in origin? Puck is also the name for a goblin or mischievous sprite! Who knew?!

HOCKEY GLOVES: History + Sizing


I was recently asked to write a blog about hockey gloves and what if anything does the cuff size mean. There is not too much information on hockey glove cuffs so I will incorporate what I know into another product review on hockey gloves. Hockey gloves have really changed and evolved over the years. Today [...]

It’s In The Bag

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Hockey equipment bags come in all sorts of styles, sizes, colors, durability, and affordability and with or without wheels. Some hockey equipment bags come with exterior skate pockets, exterior end pouches and some have a dropped down end flat that acts as a skate mat. Other hockey equipment bags can be carried like a backpack, others stand up [...]

Hockey skates are not sized like shoes


Now that you have your stick picked out with the proper lie, let’s take a look at what most players would feel is the next essential piece of equipment, your hockey skates. Try not to laugh, but when I started playing they still featured the old plastic one piece boot. For some of you this [...]

Adam’s take on Lies


Hello and welcome to the inaugural column by Adam Desloges of Center Ice Hockey for Ice Magazine. Some of the columns will be to educate fans, parents, siblings and most importantly you, the hockey player. Other columns will include interesting facts, stats and stories about the best game on earth, HOCKEY! Like most of [...]

How to Pick a Mouthguard

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The Case for the Custom Fit The smallest, most controversial and least understood piece of hockey equipment is the mouthguard. Virtually every dental professional agrees that mouthguards are essential for athletes who participate in aggressive sports for preventing serious mouth injuries. Moreover, there’s growing evidence that a wellfitted, custom mouthguard can help prevent concussions and jaw injuries. So, why don’t players, [...]