Co-ed Lockerooms – Separate or Equal

locker room

 Is a girl who plays on a boys’ team any less a part of the team than her teammates? Of course not. So why does my daughter have to get dressed in a separate locker room and miss out on the camaraderie and the other aspects of being on a team? USA Hockey recognizes the [...]

What We Missed

What We Missed

Here’s a round up of the things we missed, but wanted to share! Hooked On Hockey: A story out of Western New York about why sports like hockey are becoming so popular among girls! Congratulations to Minnesota Gopher, Alyssa Grogan, has been nominated for the Hockey Humanitarian Award! ESPNw reports on CWHL player Kacey Bellamy [...]

The CWHL Expands to Alberta


So incredible to see the expansion of women’s ice hockey. This is a great news clip about the struggles facing a new team as the CWHL expands the league by adding a team in Alberta. Not only does the growth of elite level women’s hockey offer more opportunities for players, but it also opens many [...]

Get Ready for The Season


Cramming for hockey season works just about as well as cramming for those tests back in college. Not a whole lot of fun. Rather than a lousy grade, going into that first game unprepared will leave you shuffling into work the next morning with a sore back and tight legs. Every time you have to [...]

Sports Drinks 101


There’s a commonly held misconception in the sporting world that hockey players don’t suffer from significant fluid loss through sweating as much as athletes in other sports do because they play in cooler temperatures. Yeah, right! A recently completed three year study by researchers at the University of Guelph seems to confirm what anyone who [...]

Skate Sharpening 101


There is more than one way to sharpen skates. Unfortunately most of them are wrong. I once helped a customer who confessed that he attempted to sharpen his skates with a rotary tool. The result was of a lower quality than what he expected. In fact he was buying new skates from me as he [...]

History, Her Story, Our Story


When I first applied to write for Ice Magazine I had no idea that it was for women’s ice hockey, nor did I realize that women’s ice hockey is as popular as it is! As a sports fan in general, (and a female) I understand the struggles and hardships that a lot of the earlier [...]

We Can See Your Five Hole

Goalie Holes

We have all heard the announcers describe a goal that beat the goalie “through the five hole.” The fifth hole is the one between the goalie’s pads. Actually there are a total of six holes, or areas we isolate in order to teach goalies how to “close holes” (and to teach shooters how to score). [...]