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The Locker Room Conundrum

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On the ice, they are unidentifiable — just cage-masked figures in pads, breezers and skates. It doesn’t matter that they have an extra Y chromosome. But off the ice, it’s another story. While girl hockey players may be getting some equality in the game, off the ice a struggle is ensuing: To locker room or [...]

The “Off Season”?

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The season is over. Now is the time for a little peace and some family fun that doesn’t include frigid, early morning practices and five game weekends. Whew! Well, wait, there is that goalie camp coming up in June but that is it. Oh, and the tryouts in May but that is just a couple [...]

Goalie Parents! What’s Your Position?


Not too long ago, I ran across a discussion on Facebook about a goalie parent’s favorite spot to watch during a game. Most of the answers indicated that the parent would station themselves alone, behind whatever goal their son/daughter was playing in. I couldn’t have disagreed more and was the only one who took such [...]

Hockey Family Road Trip 101

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Travel in club hockey is a necessary evil. Tournaments and invitations from out of town teams are the norm and part of the fun of playing. We live in Phoenix, AZ and before this year, our travel has consisted of one weekend in Flagstaff, AZ, one weekend in Las Vegas, NV and one in Anaheim, [...]

A Trip To Boston


I recently had the great pleasure of visiting the city Boston with my spouse over the Easter weekend. I have to say that I was really impressed with the city and how courteous Bostonians are. During our trip not only did we take in a Bruins game, but we also toured Harvard University and Boston [...]

Co-ed Lockerooms – Separate or Equal

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 Is a girl who plays on a boys’ team any less a part of the team than her teammates? Of course not. So why does my daughter have to get dressed in a separate locker room and miss out on the camaraderie and the other aspects of being on a team? USA Hockey recognizes the [...]

What We Missed

What We Missed

Here’s a round up of the things we missed, but wanted to share! Hooked On Hockey: A story out of Western New York about why sports like hockey are becoming so popular among girls! Congratulations to Minnesota Gopher, Alyssa Grogan, has been nominated for the Hockey Humanitarian Award! ESPNw reports on CWHL player Kacey Bellamy [...]

What We Missed

What we missed #1

Here are some links to things we didn’t cover or that we just thought you’d find really interesting! Kendall Coyne, from the USA National Team, considers a career in broadcasting after she graduates. Click here to read more! An ABSOLUTELY awesome Girls Hockey PSA from Reebok and Rival Film’s. It’s a must watch! Sign the petition to [...]