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Keys To Great Hockey Sense

HOckey Sense 101

I read an amazing article recently that explained in great deal why hockey is the smartest game in the world. To be honest, it’s a very nerdy article. That’s probably why I liked it so much. It basically talks about 2 of the key components of what we typically call ”GAME SENSE” and how they are more [...]

Team Ice Feature: Lora Prill Currie


Lora Prill Currie Team:  Detroit Tornados (Wing) Woodhaven Leafs Squirt B (Coach) How long have you been playing hockey/reffing/coaching for? Coaching since 2004/ Playing Since 2007 Favorite hockey memory: My Mite Team winning Little Caesar Districts Last Year at Joe Louis Arena What do you spend your free time doing (other than hockey)? Teaching- Rink [...]

Want to be Featured On our Site?

featured girl

We are going to be featuring a new girl on our site every other week and we want it to be you! We want to know your story and share it with the rest of the female hockey community! If you are a player, referee, or coach take a second to answer these questions. Make [...]

Your Favorite Hockey Moments


The Lakeshore Lightning with the Spring/Summer ’09 issue of Ice that they were featured in!   Ice readers share their most favorite and memorable hockey stories! What is your favorite hockey memory? Share them with us in the comments section below! Goalie Sister I have tons of great hockey memories, but I will always remember when [...]

There A Mean Girl On Your Team?


Like it or not, girls have the unfortunate reputation of being mean to other girls and sometimes, well, it’s quite deserved. As in the popular movie Mean Girls, we’ve all seen the same kind of nasty behavior in real life—hopefully, not from ourselves. The need for tolerance of diversity is especially important in the female hockey community, and the [...]

How to Watch Hockey Properly


 There are a few different ways of watching the game—whether live or on TV—and if you want to get to (and excel at) the next level, there is a better way to watch. Here are the three most common ways of watching hockey: 1. Just follow the play:  That’s what most of us do. We just follow [...]