On The Ice

A New Kind of Game Face . . .

Team pic

A New Kind of Game Face: The Team Photo The hockey team photo . . . a yearly tradition where you have to corral 20 or so children, outfit them in  their game-day jerseys, comb their hair and make them smile pretty for the camera. Sounds sooo easy, doesn’t it? Ha! The process goes as [...]

Support Your Country With Alexis


“You know it’s an important game when there are two Zambonis doing the ice”, my dad said jokingly as we were sitting there watching the Zambonis come on to resurface the ice after the U.S. and Canadian WU18 teams went to their locker rooms after warm-ups. But he was right, this was important. These girls [...]

Secret to Shooting Harder

Shoot hArder

The Under-18 provincial team tryouts start in a few weeks here in Toronto. After watching these tryouts in person for the past 5 years, I can tell you a few key things that really made players stand out: Dynamic skating – especially quick change of direction Quick and accurate puck movement – hard tape to tape passing [...]

Girls Play Hockey Day 2011

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Girls play hockey day was sponsored by the Tampa Bay Lightning. 105 girl scouts from the Tampa area came out to try hockey! Some of them had never even ice skated before. The Lightning recently purchased 50 sets of hockey equipment to outfit kids for events like this. Dave Andreychuck and Brian Bradley – former [...]

The CWHL Expands to Alberta


So incredible to see the expansion of women’s ice hockey. This is a great news clip about the struggles facing a new team as the CWHL expands the league by adding a team in Alberta. Not only does the growth of elite level women’s hockey offer more opportunities for players, but it also opens many [...]

Keys To Great Hockey Sense

HOckey Sense 101

I read an amazing article recently that explained in great deal why hockey is the smartest game in the world. To be honest, it’s a very nerdy article. That’s probably why I liked it so much. It basically talks about 2 of the key components of what we typically call ”GAME SENSE” and how they are more [...]

Flat Bottom Sharpening


Will flat-bottom sharpening bring a new aspect to the game? The current hot topic in skate sharpening is alternative dressing forms. I know a lot of  you are about ready to just turn the page right now. And who could blame you after seeing frightening terminology like alternative dressing forms tossed about with such cavalier disregard [...]

Penalty Box: Dot marks the Spot

Penalty Box Dots Image

A bit about our Penalty Box: This is where we get to use our whistles to signal overt sexism, unfairness and backward thinking in the female hockey community. Any person or organization who commits an offense will be called out—discreetly with names withheld if necessary—and placed in our virtual penalty box. Delayed penalties apply too. [...]