On The Ice

How to Watch Hockey Properly


 There are a few different ways of watching the game—whether live or on TV—and if you want to get to (and excel at) the next level, there is a better way to watch. Here are the three most common ways of watching hockey: 1. Just follow the play:  That’s what most of us do. We just follow [...]

Dealing With Co-ed Locker Rooms

Co-Ed LockerRoom Pic

For the many girls who play on youth co-ed teams, the locker room issue is usually their biggest challenge. Coaches and parents struggle to find the best arrangement that protects the privacies of both boys and girls, while at the same time is conducive to team unity and gender equity. This is an issue that [...]

Buying A Hockey Helmet

Syd's cracked helmet-1

Aside from your stick or skates, your helmet is probably the most expensive piece of equipment you wear. But does it need to be? Obviously, the importance of a helmet can’t be downplayed. But the price of a helmet can range from $30 to more than $150.With the increasing rate of concussions in female hockey players, it’s [...]

Sports Drinks 101


There’s a commonly held misconception in the sporting world that hockey players don’t suffer from significant fluid loss through sweating as much as athletes in other sports do because they play in cooler temperatures. Yeah, right! A recently completed three year study by researchers at the University of Guelph seems to confirm what anyone who [...]