It’s In The Bag

by Adam Desloges
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Hockey equipment bags come in all sorts of styles, sizes, colors, durability, and affordability and with or without wheels. Some hockey equipment bags come with exterior skate pockets, exterior end pouches and some have a dropped down end flat that acts as a skate mat. Other hockey equipment bags can be carried like a backpack, others stand up like a locker and some even come equipped with an interior fan that is designed to dry your equipment.

The one hockey equipment bag I do not agree with is the backpack style hockey equipment bag that is designed to be carried like a school backpack. Now here is a bag that is about 25 times bigger than your regular school backpack. According to Dynamic Chiropractic “your school backpack should not exceed 15% of your body weight for children and youth and 20% for adults”. Other studies indicate that carrying a school backpack full of homework can compress the shoulders and spines of our children. I am all for the protection of the back and spinal area in kids, but as I sit in my ergonomic chair I am worried that as of today I have not been able to find a similar study of children carrying hockey equipment bags full of hockey equipment that for some players weighs more than they do. Parents take great care in selecting the proper school backpack for their children, but when it comes to hockey equipment bags the same care is not always taken.

Yes, I would agree that having wheels on your hockey equipment bag would make it a lot easier to lug around after a long hard fought battle on the ice. Working hard does not just start on the ice, but also off the ice. Carrying your own bag will not only bring you a sense of accomplishment, but also a sense that you worked hard and did your best and these lessons will serve you far beyond the ice pad. Remember the preparation for the game begins and ends off the ice and involves all aspects of the game whether easy or hard including carrying your own equipment bag. Besides the only place you need “wheels” is on the ice.

I recently came across the BattleAxe BX10 Pro Equipment Bag and I have to say I have never seen a better constructed bag than this one! First off this hockey equipment bag is not for those players who do not carry their own bag as it does not come equipped with wheels. If you are an “I’ll carry it myself” hockey player inside and out, then read on. This bag will hold up if you drag it up and down arena stairs all season and are prone to abusing your hockey equipment bags. Fortunately for parents, this bag will last you more than one season. I just cannot guarantee the same will happen for your backs or shoulders.

The BattleAxe BX10 Pro Equipment Bag comes in three options; Senior, Junior and Goalie. This blog will examine the Senior hockey equipment bag. The Senior hockey equipment bag is measured at 38 inches long, 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep. If you are a goalie you can fit your complete gear including pads into this bag. Made of heavy duty sterling material and features an I.D. window perfect for your player number, name or team logo. Manufactured with an extremely heavy duty durable plastic zipper that I have not seen on any other bag and guaranteed not to break or stick in those cold, damp rinks. The senior hockey equipment bag has two internal pockets to keep your gear safe internally rather than external pockets that tend to get caught on everything in an arena and eventually tear off. One pocket is big enough for your helmet and the other pocket is suitable for your accessories such as tape, laces and shower kit. This hockey equipment bag also comes with reinforced double layered straps with a Velcro strap closer.

BattleAxe Hockey explains their hockey equipment bag this way: “Protect your gear and your wallet. At BattleAxe Hockey, durability matters. Triple stitching and double layer reinforcement keeps them from coming apart season after season. Every hockey player deserves the quality of a pro bag, even if you don’t earn a pro salary”. After reviewing this bag and putting it through the trenches a few times, I could not agree more with their statement. My test included loading this equipment bag with 50 pounds of free weights, dragging it across arena lobbies, up and down arena stairs and I attempted to slice it by walking on it while wearing my skates. I would agree that the last test is stretching it, but it does happen. Besides leaving a trail of dust behind me, this equipment bag held up great! Now I know you are thinking to yourself, boy this test is a little extreme and I may be tempted to agree, but this is no ordinary hockey equipment bag.

From my test of the BattleAxe BX10 Pro Equipment Bag I can confidently say that it compares easily to the following hockey equipment bags:

So if you are in the market for a new equipment bag look no further than the BattleAxe BX10 Pro Equipment Bag which can be purchased at for $93.99.


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