Penalty Box: Dot marks the Spot

Penalty Box Dots Image

A bit about our Penalty Box: This is where we get to use our whistles to signal overt sexism, unfairness and backward thinking in the female hockey community. Any person or organization who commits an offense will be called out—discreetly with names withheld if necessary—and placed in our virtual penalty box. Delayed penalties apply too.

 If you are witness to an infraction against the rules of fairness, or want to bring attention to foul play, send the details to our head ref who will determine the necessary penalty and place the offender(s) into our penalty box. 



Game Misconduct for reinforcing sexist ideas about hockey.


Oh, the stories we hear! Recently, at a 16U AAA elite showcase tournament, we talked with a mother who told us this:

“When my daughter first started playing hockey at age 6, she played on a boys’ team. The coach put a sticker on her helmet and a dot on the bench indicating where she should sit because she should feel special to play with the boys.” (Names withheld to protect the coach)

What do you think about this? Was the coach wrong for treating her like she was any different than the rest of the team? Has anything like this ever happened to you?