by Team Ice
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Size Matters . . . but not how you think!

We at Ice have teamed up with TCC to revolutionize the way that you play hockey. We’d like to introduce you to the EVE OPS Hockey stick – the first stick designed specifically for the female player. While most companies have taken an intermediate or junior hockey stick, slapped some pink “girlie” graphics on it, and called it a girls’ stick, the EVE OPS stick is the result of exhaustive research and is designed to be unlike any other twig on the market!

Hockey is one of the only sports where the equipment used by men and women is the same. We all wear the same protective equipment (with the exception of the jock strap of course). Average size differences between boys and girls is well known in the medical world, but this difference doesn’t translate to the hockey equipment world. The average 18-year-old girl, according to the CDC, is 64 inches tall and about 130lbs. However, the average 18-year-old boy is 70 inches tall and weights about 160lbs. Does is make any sense for two kids with a 7 inch height and 30 lb weight difference to be playing with the same hockey stick?

Weight is one of the most important factors in determining the flex of your hockey stick. suggests anyone between 100-150lbs use an intermediate hockey stick (60-70 flex). However an intermediate hockey stick is approximately 54 inches tall. For the taller girls, this isn’t a reasonable option and they end up playing with a senior stick but are unable to get the low flex that will benefit their game the most. For the shorter girls who have to cut their stick down, this causes the stick to have a higher flex than what it is manufactured to have.

How the EVE OPS shaft compares to the traditional stick.

The EVE OPS stick is the solution to both of these problems. The stick is the same height and blade size as a traditional senior stick, but the shaft is comparable to a junior stick. It is offered in flexes as low at 65 and as high as 85. What happens to the flex if you have to cut it down? Not to worry! The EVE OPS stick has a lower kick point, giving it a constant flex, so trimming the stick to fit your height will not cause the flex to increase as drastically as a tradition stick.

Another exciting aspect of the Eve Ops Stick is the diameter of the shaft. It has been geometrically designed for a smaller palm size. For the first time, girls have an option to choose a high-quality, senior stick that fits better in smaller hands. Many girls experience wrist trauma with the regular senior sticks, but no longer. The Eve Ops stick means you don’t have to sacrifice blade size for a great fit.

 It’s a new season and it’s time to revolutionize your game forever! Check out the EVE OPS stick here: Have more questions about the EVE OPS stick? Wondering about a payment plan? Feel free to contact us at Or, you can even give us a call at 248-835-9478?