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Eve Metamorphic Hockey Stick, by TCC for Women

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EVE METAMORPHIC OPS WOMENS HOCKEY STICK (for full information visit the TCC site at:


Weight: 430 +/- 10g Length: 59in Finish: Matte Flex Profile: Full Length

• Designed for the female hockey player, Smaller hands better fit shaft

• Constant flex design - Allows the shaft to be cut down and will retain the same kick

• Over 16 years of NHL Pro Design built into this design (Metamorphic Geometry)

• Shaft designed to be strong and consistent.

• Most of the consumers that have purchased an EVE stick purchase another EVE stick in about a year

100% Composite, Metamorphic Geometry, Carbon Fiber Uni, Carbon Fiber Woven, Uni Structural Glass Foam Core Blade / Ribbed for enhanced durability.

Designed with a constant flex and a new Metamorphic Geometry that elongates the hight and width of the shaft cross section. This performance stick design offers phenomenal stick handling, great durability all packed into a lightweight stick that feels just right in your hands.

Flexes: 85, 75, 65 & 55 Pro Curves: Tango (Sakic), Delta (Drury), Bravo (P38 Datsyuk)

FLEX: The right flex for you. Available in 4 of the best flexes for female hockey players.

RIGID: Pro Carbon Foam Core Blade. Stiff rigid pro carbon fiber blade, excellent energy transfer and shot accuracy.

SUPERLITE: Weight at 430 gram Superlite pro design.

BALANCE: The right feel. Designed to meet the correct Blade-to-Shaft weight ratio for the perfect stick balance point.

DURABILITY: 30 day manufacturer's warranty. For full warranty information visit: